Stop your cat from scratching your furniture. 
Give them a purrrfectpieces post instead.

UK tracked postage is included in the price.

Your purchase will include
1 x 1 metre length cat scratching post already assembled with
2 x Black UPVC brackets.

​2 x mdf caps arleady attached
1 x set of instructions


All you will need to do is find a place to put your cat scratching post and attach to the wall.

Screws and rawlplugs are not provided. You will need to provide the appropriate screws and rawlplugs; depending on the type of wall you are mounting this onto.

Using the correct fixings is very important; as this is what will keep your post attached.
If you are able to screw into brick or wall studs then please do.

All of the materials I use are cat safe, EU certified and adhere to all British standards.

The Kitties in the pictures are Ollie (my kitty) and Stanley a very happy customer.


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  • The scratching post is a tall 1 metre in length with a circumference of 40cm (including rope) and a diameter of 11cm not including the rope/brackets. It has a depth of 16cm inc brackets and will sit approx 5cm from the wall once installed.

    The cat post has a thick girth to resemble a tree trunk which is great for grip.

    It attaches to your wall via 2 brackets; one at the top and one at the bottom of the post.


    The post arrives fully assembled, all you will need to do is find a place to put your cat scratching post and attach to the wall.

    The scratching post is wrapped in 6mm sisal from top to bottom and is capped at the ends with a sanded mdf disc. This is to allow your kitty to perch safely on top.

    I do not use cardboard tubing in any of my products.
    My tubing is 110mm Industrial pvc tube.

    This means the post is suitable for outdoor use because it has a waterproof inner.

    My technique for fixing the 6mm sisal rope allows for slight movement within the rope which is beneficial to your kitty and stops claw damage. 

    Because of the XL size of the cat scratching post. It can also be used for climbing.

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